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    Search engine optimization

    Google Ads

    Paid social.

    Facebook Ads

    Instagram Ads

    LinkedIn Ads

    YouTube Ads

    TikTok Ads

    Web & e-com.



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      Grow with seo / search engine optimization.

      Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is also known, is a type of digital marketing where the aim is to increase your visibility in the search engines’ organic results. Search engine optimization is therefore about appearing well in the results that are not paid ads on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. If done correctly, SEO will result in your website appearing high up in search engine results for relevant searches. This SEO work means that you get more visitors to your website, which you can then hopefully convert into customers.

      We let the results speak for themselves

      We have until now helped companies to be visible in Sweden & abroad with

      Keywords in top 3

      Keywords in top 10

      Keywords in top 20

      If you are not seen, you do not exist

      Examples of how we have helped businesses grow

      Google is by far Sweden’s largest search engine and 95% of all searches today are made via their platform. In Sweden, more than 50 million searches are made on Google every day. With numbers like these, you probably realize the importance of appearing high up in the search results that Google shows. Competition between companies that want to rank high is extremely high today as many understand the importance of what a good position means.

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      For those who want to know more about search engine optimization

      The most frequently asked questions about SEO

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      What is SEO?

      Search engine optimization is better known as SEO. Optimization is the foundation of all things SEO. When your brand is well optimized, you increase its online visibility. With the help of SEO, your website will be more likely to find its way to the first page of search engine results. This way, your customers will also find your company much faster.

      How does SEO work?

      SEO is what you do to make your website more relevant to search engines like Google and Bing. The search engines scan your website to understand what it’s about. SEO increases the amount of organic traffic and the quality of your visitors without having to pay for advertising. Organic traffic therefore does not include paid channels, paid placements or direct traffic to your website. With a good SEO-strategy, Google will identify your website as a trustworthy site and in turn point visitors towards it.

      How long does SEO take?

      The time it takes SEO to affect your ranking depends very much on your goals and the strategy you use. Many SEO practitioners would say that it takes about four to six months before you start seeing the effects of it. Of course, this also depends on the type of competition your keywords have, i.e. what other types of operators want to appear on the same keywords as you, and how many users are searching for what you offer.

      How do I find the right keywords to use for SEO?

      Doing a keyword analysis will give you a better idea of which keywords are worth focusing on. To find the best keywords for your industry, you must first understand the situation of your target audience. By searching for what you want to be seen for yourself, you’ll get a better idea of how others search for what you offer.

      It is important to know who your target audience is and to be specific about their needs. If your content is about animals, it’s too vague to just use the word “animals” as a keyword. If your website is about “the most popular pets”, the use of this keyword phrase will be more relevant to what your target audience is looking for.

      Once you have identified some possible keywords and phrases that are relevant to your target audience, it is important to do further analysis around them. If you use keywords that are too popular, it can be difficult for your website to rank well against your competitors’ websites. Instead, using keywords that are not popular at all may mean that few people will ever search for the keywords in question.

      It is therefore essential that you examine the search volume and potential competition for all the keywords you are considering. One way to do this is to use the Google Trends tool.

      Do I need to use different strategies for different search engines?

      There are small differences between the different search engines. However, it is recommended to focus on Google in your SEO strategy, as most visitors use this leading search engine, and the majority of the organic traffic you will get to your website will come from Google itself.

      How much does SEO cost?

      It is recommended to hire an experienced SEO agency to get the job done right, and this cost should be included in your marketing budget. The cost of the work is relative, adapted to the scope of the work required for your particular industry. Different industries require different types of strategies and work, as competition varies enormously between them.

      A good SEO agency will make an offer after analysing the scope of the project and your expectations. The average hourly rate for hiring an agency or SEO expert is around SEK 1,500 per hour.

      Can I do SEO on my own?

      Absolutely! However, it takes knowledge, time and money to learn how to do it. It will take many attempts and many mistakes to succeed, but it is possible to implement a basic SEO strategy yourself.

      However, SEO is time-consuming and to do it properly you need to take into account things like analytics, technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You also need to keep up to date with the algorithm changes of the different search engines that visitors use.

      What affects my rank?

      The three biggest factors that directly affect your SEO ranking are:

      Page load time – If your site loads too slowly, your visitors are likely to go to a competitor’s site. Search engines rank your website lower because of a slow page load time.

      Keyword selection – Keywords must be chosen carefully for your website to be considered relevant to what your ideal customer is looking for.

      Content creation – If you create high quality content on your website, visitors are more likely to find your site and stay on it longer. Making your page relevant to search will improve its ranking on search engines.

      Is SEO better than paid advertising?

      SEO and SEM work together to strengthen your website and position your brand.

      SEM starts as soon as you start paying for advertising, while SEO often provides a much better return on your investment. However, this does not mean that SEO is cheap and easy. SEO it takes a lot of time and resources, but the long-term rewards are greater and more sustainable in the long run.

      For the most part, SEO and paid ads will work together to provide the best results.

      What is SEO?

      SEO requires creativity and technical understanding to improve a company’s rankings on Google and other search engines, and to drive traffic to the website. There are many different factors that influence the ranking of a website. This can depend on everything from the content of the website, i.e. the copy, to the number of other websites linking to your site.

      Something to keep in mind is that search engine optimization is a continuous process if you want to be visible on the first page of the search engines and to keep doing it once you get there. It’s vital to make search engine optimization part of your business, and just as your business will stall if you don’t continually drive it forward, so will SEO.

      What does SEO actually mean?

      SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, SEO and search engine optimization are the same thing.

      Why should I be visible on Google?

      Google is the largest search engine in Sweden and according to several surveys, Google has a market share of about 95% This means that it’s important that your website is visible on Google if you want to reach as many customers as possible.

      Increase traffic to your website

      Having good visibility on Google gives your business a better chance of reaching potential customers who are looking for the products you offer. In other words, search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for your business to be seen online, get more visitors and do more business.

      SEO helps you rank higher on Google

      Google’s search engine uses a wide range of factors to determine which websites are most relevant to show up and in search results. Some factors matter more than others and what is considered most important to rank high today may matter less in a month’s time. It is therefore extremely important to keep up to date with what Google and other search engines consider relevant in order to optimize a website in the best possible way.

      If you’re interested in increasing traffic to your website and growing your customer base, it’s important that your website has the right capabilities to rank high on Google when potential customers search for what you and your business offer.

      Search engine optimization is the key to achieving this.

      The importance of good SEO

      As we use the internet more and more to find companies that sell what we want to buy, it is of great importance to be visible where the visitors are. As important as it once was to be visible in traditional media such as the local press or the telephone directory, it is now just as important to be visible online. You do this with the help of SEO.

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        What is SEM?

        When it comes to digital marketing and appearing high in search results, in addition to working with SEO, you can also work with SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. Unlike using search engine optimization to appear in the organic results, advertising through Google Ads allows you to appear high up in the search results.

        As with SEO, you need to analyze and optimize your ads correctly so that you appear higher than your competitors on the keywords you want to appear on.

        Together, SEO and SEM are now an essential part of increasing traffic to your website and getting more visitors and customers. Approximately 70% of all visitor traffic comes from the organic results using SEO. The remaining 30% reaches your website through clicks from ads and is therefore a good complement for those who want to increase your relevance in the eyes of search engines and thus increase your sales.

        In addition to SEO and SEM, there are a number of other factors that are important when search engines evaluate your website to determine whether it is more relevant to display than your competitors’ pages. Some of these factors are:

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        search engine optimization in your city?

        At effektify, we stay up-to-date and develop strategies to help companies stand out in their specific industry. Together we’ll draw up a plan to make your business more visible in the area where you operate.

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        On-page SEO

        An important part of SEO is on-page, which has a huge impact on whether or not your website is seen online. On-page is the visible part of SEO work, and includes everything from fixing technical aspects of your website to the information contained on your website (text, images, videos, etc.), as well as how this information is structured. Some factors that are important to optimize for search are the loading speed of the website, page titles, page headings, page images, page URLs and copy.

        Website loading speed

        One of the factors that affects Google’s assessment of your website is how quickly the browser loads your website. Google avoids displaying websites that load slowly and therefore it is a great disadvantage for you if your website has poor loading speed. Google has created a tool that you can use to find out the loading speed of your website. The tool shows how fast the website loads, both on mobile and desktop. If the tool would show less than 50 points, you should review what you can do to improve the charging speed.

        The website’s titles

        One of the most important factors in basic SEO is a website’s title. This is because the page title shows Google what the page is about, therefore you should also optimize all titles on your website.

        Home page headlines

        Another important factor in basic SEO is the website’s headlines. This is also something that Google pays a lot of attention to in order to get an idea of what the page is about. Google appreciates structure, so your text should have a logical headline structure where the headings simply explain what the text is about. A website with a good headline structure is perceived by Google as high quality.

        Website texts

        Google finds it important that the text on your website is structured and of high quality. Google also looks carefully at what your text is about. Avoiding strange sentences and spelling mistakes is to your and your website’s advantage.

        The website’s images

        Another important and fundamental factor in SEO is a website’s images. Google cannot “see” what images represent, instead the search engine reads code, so it is essential that image file information is optimized.

        The website’s url

        The website URL/web address is also important in SEO. A URL explains what a website is about, hence it is beneficial to make it clear and ensure that it describes the website’s content.


        Content, or content as it is called in English, is something Google is finding increasingly important. Google strives to showcase websites that it believes give its users the best possible response. For those of you with a website, this means that the content of your website is important to whether or not you show up on Google when someone googles what you offer.

        Read more about on-page SEO here

        In Sweden, more than 50 million searches are made on the Internet every day. Does your website appear in these searches today?

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        SEO in Eskilstuna

        SEO in Falkenberg

        SEO in Gävle

        SEO in Helsingborg

        Keyword analysis

        A keyword analysis is important in order to select words that are relevant to your business and to optimize your website accordingly. A good and relevant keyword for your business will generate money. The keyword analysis is done to find out how high the search volume is for the keyword, how high the competition is for that particular keyword, and what the search intent of the keyword is so that it is definitely relevant to you and your business.

        It is important to find out what the search volume is for a keyword in order to know the business case for appearing on that particular keyword. It is also very important to assess the difficulty of appearing on the keyword in question. Since there are only ten positions on the first page of Google, you need to be able to “push down” one of the websites that already has one of these positions. This means that there is constant competition for first page rankings, and your website must therefore be better than the website whose ranking you want.

        Therefore, it is important to find out what the competition for a specific keyword looks like. In addition, it is also important to assess the search intent for a specific keyword. Google is constantly trying to understand what kind of information their users want to find when they make a specific search. Based on what Google believes is the intent of the search, it displays websites that Google believes best match the user’s search intent.

        Another good thing to know is that there are three basic types of searches, information searches, navigation searches and transaction searches. An information search is made when the user wants to know more about something, how it works or how to do something. A navigation search is made when the user knows what they are looking for and uses Google to navigate them to the right website. A transaction search is often made when the user is ready to make a purchase decision.

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        Off-page SEO

        Another important part of SEO is off-page. Off-page is the ongoing work that needs to be done after the on-page work is done on the website, you could say that it is the maintenance required to keep your website ranking on Google.

        When Google assesses whether your website is relevant to specific keywords, it reviews the content of your website. However, it’s not just the content that Google looks at, it also looks at the websites that link to yours.

        Just as we humans base many of our buying decisions on recommendations, Google based its rankings of websites on “recommendations” from other websites. These recommendations are important to get your website as high as possible on Google. Google considers “links” from other websites to be “recommendations” for your website. When Google decides whether your website is relevant to appear on the first page, it takes into account whether there are other websites linking to yours, and “listens” to this. What this means is that inbound links are a ranking factor and therefore affect the possibility of appearing on Google’s first page. You could say that having an effective link strategy is a fundamental part of SEO.

        An example that can be applied to this is if you are planning to replace the roof on your house and are looking for a contractor to do this. You have two friends, one who works as a carpenter, and one who works as an accountant. They both recommend two different construction companies, whose recommendation will you listen to? It is most likely to be the carpenter, as he has more knowledge of the subject. Google works the same way, the search engine listens to relevant “recommendations”. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the links to your website are relevant. If you run a construction company and get links from a blog about construction and carpentry, Google considers that link to carry more weight than one that comes from a food blog, for example.

        For those who need local search engine optimization

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        Curiosity leads to knowledge. Our knowledge in SEO, web design and marketing is thus enormous.