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Google is by far Sweden’s largest search engine and 97% of all searches today are made through their platform. Ranking high on Google gives companies the opportunity to reach potential customers when they do a search inquiry. In other words, search engine optimization or SEO is one of the best ways to reach new customers.

There are different ways to be seen on Google, you can pay to be seen by advertising via Google Ads or by being seen organically when potential customers do a search (search engine optimization). Both methods are important parts of a modern digital marketing strategy.

One of the benefits of advertising with Google Ads is that it doesn’t take as long time to be seen as it does when working with search engine optimization, because you pay for ads and visitors. The disadvantage of advertising is that as soon as you stop spending money on ads, you stop being visible and get no more visits to the website. With search engine optimization, you are seen every time new potential customers google for what you sell, around the clock all year round.


We do SEO, web design & marketing. And we are good at it.

As a customer of Effektify, you should expect better results and full transparency in what we do and what you pay us for.

In addition, we help you take back control of your company’s online presence and give you the knowledge and tools to make better decisions about your business online.

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Our experience means that we have a good understanding of the various challenges you and your company may face and how to take your business to the next level. We work closely with our customers to understand their reality and to share their vision. Together with our area experts, we then develop a strategy with clear actions on the way to the goal.

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to achieving your business’ full potential online. We tailor our approach entirely to your company’s objectives, using the tools we believe will be most profitable and deliver the best results depending on how quickly you want to reach them.

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On-page SEO

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What does search engine optimization mean?
With search engine optimization, your website have better visibility on Google.

Google is by far Sweden’s largest search engine and 95% of all searches today are made via their platform. In Sweden, more than 50 million searches are made on Google every day. With numbers like these, you probably realize the importance of appearing high up in the search results that Google shows. The competition between companies that want to rank high on Google is today extremely large as many today understand the importance of what a good position means. In other words, if you are not visible, you do not exist.

What is Google Ads actually?
With digital marketing, you are more visible online with Google ads.

Google Ads is the world’s largest digital advertising tool. When you do a Google search, you see Google Ads at the very top of the page and at the very bottom of the page. The difference between Google Ads and the organic search results is that it’s not possible to influence the organic search results by paying for campaigns, while with Google Ads you can do just that to give your website better visibility and more visits.

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Just how important is a good website?
Web design helps you to a fast and optimized website.

Websites are nothing new, but the playing field and what makes a good website is changing all the time. Therefore, it is required that you as an entrepreneur are well prepared and put in a lot of time to ensure that you are in the game. A website is not something that should be left to chance, but requires ongoing work, service and investment.

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What does it mean to have relevant content on your website?
With the right web copy and content, you make your website more relevant to search engines.

Filling your website with easy-to-read and user-friendly texts that contain keywords that you want to rank on, helps Google and other search engines to make the page more relevant. When Google algorithms read the information on a web page, it looks at the content to find out what it is about, and then matches it to the searches made on the topic in question. Should the text on the page match the search that is made, the page is considered relevant. The more criteria that are met on your website, the more relevant it is and thus it ranks higher.

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Vad menas med
With search engine optimization, your website have better visibility on Google.

Google är Sveriges i särklass största sökmotor och 95% av alla sökningar görs idag via deras plattform. I Sverige görs det varje dag mer än 50 miljoner sökningar på Google. Med siffror som dessa inser du säkert vikten av att synas högt upp i sökresultatet som Google visar upp. Konkurrensen mellan företag som vill ranka högt upp på Google är idag oerhört stor då många idag förstår betydelsen av vad en bra position innebär. Med andra ord, syns du inte så finns du inte.

Vad är egentligen
Google Ads?
With digital marketing, you are more visible online with Google ads.

Google Ads är världens största verktyg för digital annonsering. När du gör en sökning på Google ser du Google Ads-annonser allra högst upp på sidan samt allra längst ner på sidan. Skillnaden mellan Google Ads och det organiska sökresultatet är att det inte går att påverka det organiska sökresultatet genom att betala för kampanjer, medan du med Google Ads kan göra just detta för att din hemsida ska få bättre synlighet och fler besök.

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Hur viktigt är det med en
bra hemsida?
Web design helps you to a fast and optimized website.

Hemsidor är inget nytt, men spelplanen och vad som är en bra hemsida ändras hela tiden. Därför krävs det att man som företagare är påläst och avsätter tid för att säkerställa att man är med i matchen. En hemsida är inte något som bör lämnas åt slumpen, utan kräver löpande arbete, service och investering.

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Vad innebär det att ha relevant innehåll på sin hemsida?
With the right web copy and content, you make your website more relevant to search engines.

Att fylla din hemsida med lättlästa och användarvänliga texter som innehåller sökord som du vill ranka på, hjälper Google och andra sökmotorer att anse sidan vara mer relevant. Då Google algoritmer läser igenom informationen hos en webbsida tittar den på textinnehållet för att ta reda på vad den handlar om, för att sedan matcha den till sökningarna som görs på ämnet i fråga. Skulle texten på sidan matcha sökningen som görs, anses sidan vara relevant. Ju fler kriterier som uppfylls på din hemsida, desto mer relevant är den och därmed rankar den högre.

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